Why choose Leor?

The Leor model is based on research that society benefits from children who have social and emotional competence, appropriate attachment relationships, and thrive in their home and community environments. For this reason, Leor prides itself on meeting its social responsibilities by contributing to community projects that benefit vulnerable or disadvantaged children. This means that at the end of each financial year Leor donates a percentage of its profits before tax to a charity that benefits vulnerable or disadvantaged children.

In addition, Leor Educators and Leor Families are invited, throughout the year, to participate in community projects or volunteering opportunities that assist vulnerable or disadvantaged families. Leor Educators are able to participate in volunteering opportunities on a paid workday, to ensure they can use their skills and experience to benefit those in need.

Core to our operations are our values, which guide all decisions that we make in regards to how we want to operate within the wider community.

Our Values

Learning Shapes Lives

High quality holistic support that is tailored to each child’s learning and development needs ensures positive outcomes for children, families, and their community.

Families First

Remaining adaptable to the needs of Leor Staff and Leor Families ensures children and families are growing together.

Future Focused

Continuous improvement and innovative thinking ensures that high quality, current, and well researched learning and development programs are delivered to Leor Staff and Leor Families.

Environmental Impact

Leor applies various strategies to reduce its environmental impact and improve sustainability. In keeping with these strategies, Leor tries to select suppliers who apply environmental sustainability practices. In identifying equipment and toys that can be used in the learning program, our priorities are the efficacy of learning experiences and safety of children, however we also try wherever possible to use materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also reduce waste, encourage recycling, and apply upcycling.

We encourage all employees to be environmentally aware in all their practices, whilst promoting the use of toys and equipment that have minimal impact on the environment.

We know children can find wonder in some of the simplest materials. Therefore, we invite families to provide us with materials that they think could be used as part of our craft activities. We also believe that this recycling and/or upcycling will allow our skilled Educators to provide children with valuable learning experiences in regards to environmental impact and sustainability.

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