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Why choose Leor?

The Leor and G8 Education partnership brings the best of two worlds together – high quality, centre- based early childhood care and education with the flexibility and diversity of Leor’s inclusive Early Intervention services.

What do we offer?

G8 Families can access paediatric Allied Health services such as occupational therapy and speech pathology during their child’s regular attendance. For families needing multiple therapies through the week, this is a real benefit, saving time and the stress of coordinating appointments with work or other children.

Families who are concerned about their children’s development can request screeners to understand where their child is excelling or where more support may be required.

And as a registered NDIS provider, Leor is proud to deliver services under the Key Worker model, in line with best practice principles under the NDIS. In the Key Worker model, therapies are integrated with a child’s everyday routine and a single therapist is allocated to a family to be their main point of contact, coordinating a child’s therapy supports across a variety of goals. We work holistically with Educators to ensure the skills practised in therapy are continued in between appointments.

Supporting G8 teams to support children

As well as delivering therapies to children, the Leor teams work in collaboration with G8 Educators and centre teams to develop their skills and expertise in inclusion and early intervention.

G8 teams are invited to request professional development sessions that focus on a topic of particular interest to their community and Leor teams are always on hand to provide support and answer questions.

Working together, G8 Education and Leor are confidently delivering best practices in early childhood education and care, and holistic early intervention, to children of all backgrounds and abilities.

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