School Readiness Assessment

Why assess your child’s school readiness?

As parents, it can be difficult to know when to enrol your child in school or understand what skills they need to acquire in order to be ready. Many people understand school readiness to mean that children should be able to read and write. Whilst these are valuable skills, it is often the non-academic skills that are in fact more important for a child to be ready to thrive and succeed in a classroom environment. This is where a school readiness assessment can help.

Children who start school without these skills may experience challenges throughout their schooling life, may take a dip in their confidence levels, and may have difficulty maintaining focus in the classroom, causing them to fall behind or become disruptive in class. We can help you understand your child’s readiness for transition to school and set them on a path for a successful start.

The Research

In developing our School Readiness Program, we engaged experts in the field, considered early childhood research from across the globe, and applied the latest practice to develop a program that delivers measurable outcomes for children in preparing them for school.

With the aim of ensuring that children are well prepared for their first year of school, we have applied the latest research and practice to formulate our program. We considered the long term impacts of children starting school before they were ready, the skills that children need in order to be ready for school, and studies that combined different practices and theories to school readiness programs and thereafter measured and compared children’s outcomes.

Leor School Readiness Program

The Leor School Readiness Program aims to provide support and assurance to families about their child’s preparedness for school. The Program includes an initial assessment of your child’s learning. This is completed at your home, where your child is most comfortable, and at a time that suits you. The assessment is completed by a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educator who will assess your child’s current knowledge and skills.

Following the assessment, we will provide you with a summary of areas that your child should focus on. If we are of the view that your child would benefit from engaging in an individual learning program we can create and deliver a tailored school readiness program that is suited specifically to your child as part of a 12 week program of Early Learning sessions in your own home.

The Assessment

When assessing a child’s preparedness to start school, we assess not only literacy and numeracy, but we also consider the child’s ability to regulate their emotions, follow instructions, act with independent thought, and engage in physical activities using the fine and gross motor skills that they will need in order to undertake activities in their first year of school.

In assessing your child’s school readiness, Leor considers six core areas of development. If your child engages in a 12 week Early Learning program with us, we will continue to assess their skills  throughout their placement,  and adjust their daily education plan to ensure that they are well equipped with the skills they need to start school.

Is this for your child?

Families who have benefitted from our School Readiness Program say “we feel our children are ready for school because of Leor and can’t thank them enough.”

The development of school readiness skills gives your child the opportunity to refine their abilities in specific areas of learning, essential when beginning school. Without these skills, entry to school can be challenging and children can very quickly find themselves behind their peers. In what is already a difficult transition time, students that begin school with these core skills are better positioned to learn effectively, achieve long term success, and put their best foot forward when starting school.

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