Curriculum Design

Leor In Home Early Learning

Here at Leor, we develop and deliver our curriculum in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The EYLF has been developed by the Australian state and territory governments with input from the early childhood sector and early childhood academics, and is a key component of the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care.

The Leor curriculum is consistent with the EYLF, in that it supports and enhances early childhood education and transition to school readiness. This allows Leor families to receive care and education to a nationally recognised standard within the comfort of their own homes. Although Leor is not required to meet the requirements set out by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Authority, we maintain a strict, high quality, governance framework that ensures quality standards are regularly monitored in the delivery of our education and care services.

Clearly articulated program goals as well as specific goals around visits to homes, training workshops, and the selection of learning materials are necessary elements of high-quality service delivery.

(Bromer & Korfmacher, 2017)

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Varying Ages

The Leor model caters to children aged between six weeks and six years. Some people find it hard to believe that a child at six weeks of age undertakes ‘learning’, but a great number of studies and academic research has proven that the synapse in the brain begin forming in utero, and once born a child begins learning at only a few hours old. Studies have also found that around 80% of the synapses in a child’s brain are fully formed by age 3, hence the increased regulation and focus on early childhood development across the globe.

Leor firmly believes that children benefit from focused, age appropriate teaching. This is why our curriculum caters to all children aged between six weeks to six years. That doesn’t mean that we apply the same curriculum across the board, but quite to the contrary we adapt subjects and themes within the curriculum to activities and learning goals that are appropriate to each age and/or stage of development.

Leor In Home Early Learning

We understand that children do not move in a lock step fashion through early childhood development. We believe that one of the significant benefits of our small group learning environment is its ability to enable our Educators to focus on each child’s individual learning needs. Due to our maximum 3 to 1 ratio of child to Educator, our Educators are able to adapt our curriculum to each child’s needs.

Our low Educator to child ratio allows our Educators to get to know your child on a deeper level, enabling them to tailor their care to each child’s learning needs and personality. This level of engagement means that our Educators are able to assess and recommend any interventions and supports that may be able to enhance the learning experience for your child. These recommendations could be something as simple as encouraging parents to use particular vocabulary to enhance a child’s literacy or comprehension, to recommending external referrals to an allied health professional.

Quarterly Reports

Leor In Home Early Learning

At Leor, we understand that your child’s development and education is of the utmost importance. Your Leor Educator will undertake ongoing observations of your child’s progress and will provide parents with a formal quarterly check-in by way of an Early Learning and Development Report.

Our Early Learning and Development Reports allow you to track your child’s progress against the Leor curriculum. In addition, this framework provides parents with the opportunity to discuss any educational goals you may have with your Leor Educator in order to generate a plan for meeting those goals. Should any additional care or learning needs be identified, your Leor Educator will be able to discuss options for more specific learning interventions if required, which can then be incorporated into an individual education program for your child that may involve third party engagement.

Leor’s model of ongoing monitoring and family engagement ensures that each child is able to progress towards their educational goals through a program that is individually tailored for them, and is continually adapted as their needs and goals change.

This ongoing monitoring and family engagement ensures that families can observe their child’s ongoing progress, whilst also allowing for any additional learning needs to be quickly identified and met, as part of our education and care program.

Toys & Equipment

Leor In Home Early Learning

We believe that learning is acquired in the early years through a combination of learning modes, for example children learn through both guided play and free play. For this reason, our curriculum includes a vast array of activities that are grounded in academic research and early childhood practice.

In order to deliver the Leor curriculum in the family home, our Educators attend each session with equipment that aligns with the relevant component of the curriculum that they are delivering that day. The curriculum is, however, guided by the child’s own natural interest and stage of development, therefore if the child has a special toy or book that they adore, then our Educator will adapt the curriculum to meet the child’s own interest, whilst adapting formal activities to meet your child’s passions and needs.

Educator Supervision

All Leor Educators are supervised by a Lead Educator, who is both an Early Childhood Teacher and Primary School Teacher. It is her role to review each learning program to identify how children are progressing with Leor, as well as to provide guidance to Educators in regards to ways to offer better outcomes for children in their care. This means that all children’s needs are met not just by your Educator, but also by our Lead Educator, within this thorough supervision model.

Educator Network

As a Leor Family, you will not only gain access to the high level of knowledge and experience that your Leor Educator holds, but you also have access to the wider network of early childhood educators and early childhood teachers employed by Leor. This means that if you or your family are experiencing any challenges in regards to learning and development, our team will put their heads together to support your family and achieve your goals.

Unlike employing a nanny,  who would be working alone with your child, by choosing Leor, you have access to a network of experience to support your child as they learn and grow.


Our curriculum, which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, includes development of social, emotional and cognitive abilities; building of literacy and numeracy skills; preschool programs; and school readiness programs for children approaching school age. For examples of the types of activities we engage in, make sure you follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

We use a variety of activities including craft, storytelling, singing, drawing and painting, cooking, and physical exercise indoors and outdoors to achieve the five key learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity

  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Children are confident and involved learners

  • Children are effective communicators.

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