Accessing home based childcare during the coronavirus pandemic

Childcare Services operating during Coronavirus

Information up to date as at 18 March 2020

Leor In Home Early Learning sends early childhood Educators into family homes to deliver educational programs and childcare to children. We support children aged between six weeks and 12 years of age and we operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Leor delivers services in in metro cities, regional areas and remote locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

As you would be aware, the World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak of coronavirus as a global pandemic. During the coronavirus pandemic Leor In Home Early Learning will continue to deliver childcare services in the home. This includes when parents are working from home, and to children of varying ages within the group.

If further quarantine measures are put in place healthcare workers will be prioritised in our allocation of Educators.

Children who are under school age receive education in the form of individual learning programs that are prepared for them each week. With respect to school aged children, programs can be developed in accordance with their school curriculum for a small fee.

The Process

  1. In Home Assessment – can be conducted face to face or online

  2. Educator Selection – based on the needs of your family as discussed during the In Home Assessment

  3. Placement Confirmation – confirmation of start date once an Educator has been allocated. Bond required to secure placement.

Health & Safety Protocols

During the coronavirus pandemic we have the following protocols in place to minimise the exposure of families and Educators to illness:

  • No excursions are currently being allowed unless it relates to school drop off, pick up or medical appointments or with the express consent of a parent or guardian;

  • Increased handwashing protocols in line with Government standards;

  • Educators will remove their shoes at the front door;

  • Educators who show any signs of illness are not authorised to work until they have recovered;

  • Regular communication with families and Educators about the impacts of coronavirus on our service delivery.

  • If families have symptoms of illness, or have come into contact with someone suspected of having coronavirus, we ask that you notify our team so we can assess whether care should be delivered.

Child Care Subsidy

Leor is an approved provider of In Home Care under the Child Care Subsidy. If your family is unable to access mainstream childcare, even if it is only for a specified period of time, then you may be eligible to access the Child Care Subsidy towards our fees. Circumstances which make you eligible for In Home Care are outlined in the table below.

To be approved for In Home Care you must be assessed by your local In Home Care Support Agency. We can make a direct referral to the Support Agency in your State or Territory after you complete an Early Learning Application form or contact us on 1300 510 511 to discuss your circumstances.

Complex Needs

This is where a family is experiencing complex needs that would mean mainstream childcare, outside school hours care, or vacation care programs are unable to meet their needs.
  • Family member receiving chemotherapy
  • A family member with a compromised immune system, e.g. premature children
  • Children with complex behavioural, developmental or medical needs e.g. autism, ADHD, ODD, cerebral palsy, vision or hearing impairment
  • Families who may be accessing NDIS but require extra care

No Childcare Available

This is where families cannot access childcare in their area.
  • Regional or remote families
  • Families on a childcare waitlist
  • No childcare available in your area

Non-Standard Working Hours

This is where families who work non-standard hours, such as a rotating roster, or hours where childcare is not open.
  • Shiftworkers such as medical professionals, hospitality staff or airline crew
  • Fly in fly out workers
  • Single parents who do not have alternate care during the hours that they need to work

Placement Length

A placement involves committing to the same day or days each week for the periods of time outlined below. If you are employed in a job that involves working non-standard or variable hours, then you can book an Educator at the time you receive your roster and you do not have to commit to the same days and times each week.

From your date of commencement until the end of the school term.

All weeks within the relevant school holiday period booked

12 week commitment

Casual Care

If you would like casual care a 5% surcharge will apply to our standard fees. Casual surcharges will not apply to healthcare workers.

If you are employed in a job that involves working non-standard or variable hours, then you can book an Educator at the time you receive your roster and you do not have to commit to the same days and times each week.


When accessing the Child Care Subsidy you will be required to pay an out of pocket fee, however in some circumstances this could be as little as $6.00 per hour for care for up to five children in a single family. Families experiencing temporary financial hardship should contact us on 1300 510 511 to discuss options.
You may wish to share care with another family to reduce your costs by forming a Family Co-op.

Getting Started

If you would like to secure quality childcare for your family, purchase an In Home Assessment now and a member of our team will contact you to book your Home Assessment.

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