The Application Process

Families can make an application for in home early learning services directly through our website. Our application for childcare requires information regarding the ages and number of children requiring education and care, the location at which the service will be delivered (which must be the home of at least one of the children requiring care), and the preferred days and times for which education and care is required. In addition, we collect some personal information so we can assess your application, contact you, and ensure that we can meet your needs.  All the information we collect is maintained in line with our Privacy Policy.

Once we receive your application for childcare we will contact you to discuss your needs in further detail.

Becoming a Leor Family

Leor In Home Early Learning

The Leor onboarding process is designed to ensure that we can be a good fit with your family. The process begins with a quick chat by phone or by email to discuss your application, followed by a home visit to discuss your requirements in more detail. We also undertake an in-home assessment to determine how we can best deliver our early learning program in your home. Following the in-home assessment, we may make some recommendations that will enhance the learning and care experience for your child or children, whilst also minimising any hazards for both the little ones and the Leor Educator.

Once we are ready to proceed, we will issue you with a Placement Confirmation, which contains your start date, session details, dates and times.

In Home Assessment

As part of our onboarding process, we undertake an in home assessment to ensure your home environment will be able to meet your child’s education and care needs. Notwithstanding any recommendations that we make following the in home assessment, there are a few minimum standards that we require in order to deliver Leor In Home Early Learning. If you think your home is too small for in home early learning, don’t stress, we can convert even the smallest space into an effective learning environment for young, earnest minds. There is a $50 fee for each In Home Assessment, which also places you on our waitlist.

We require that each child being cared for by a Leor Educator has a safe place to sleep. This means a bed, a cot, a bassinet or a porta cot.  We adopt the ACECQA ‘Safe sleep and rest practices’ and therefore require sufficient materials to be provided by families to ensure children are able to sleep and rest during the day. If you do not have sufficient bedding, particularly in the event of a Family Co-op, we can supply a porta cot for a small hire fee.

Children who are of nappy wearing age will require their nappies to be changed. Accordingly, we require that a space be provided for nappy changing at adult waist height, with nappies and wipes provided by families.

If children are capable of using the toilet, or are in the process of being toilet trained, we require that appropriate seating or potty facilities be made available for children. We also require appropriate toilet facilities for our Educator and hand washing facilities for both our Educator and children.

We understand that space can sometimes be limited for families living in Sydney, however we believe that children benefit by having a space where they can sit at a table at their own height together with our Educator, to engage in meaningful learning activities. In the event that a family does not have their own table and chairs we can provide a table and chairs for a small hire fee.

Although we don’t provide children’s meals, our Educators do prepare meals using family provided ingredients and materials, to ensure that your children are well fed. If you would like us to serve your child hot meals, we simply require pre cooked meals that can be reheated in a microwave. If you prefer items like salads or sandwiches, we require that all the ingredients are available for our Educators to compile these meals. For babies we require that bottles and breastmilk or formula be provided and, if necessary, a kettle and appropriate sterilising tools be available.

In light of the need to prepare children’s meals and clean up any used items, we require kitchen facilities with a sink; a microwave; chopping board; utensils; plates, cups and cutlery for children; and washing detergent and tea towels. If families have an oven we will use it for curriculum based cooking activities.

The Leor curriculum includes outdoor activities, weather permitting. If your home does not have suitable outdoor space, we may take children to a park if one is within walking distance, or use the family car (if available and appropriately insured) to transport children to an appropriate outdoor space for curriculum based activities.


Leor In Home Early Learning

Once we complete the In Home Assessment we will let you know available dates for commencement of our In Home Early Learning program. Once we identify a start date we require payment of your Placement Bond to secure the Educator, otherwise they may be reallocated to the next family in the waitlist.

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