After school care in the comfort of your own home.

Our Educators take care of your after school care in the comfort of your own home. This means that after a long day at work, you come home to children who have been fed, bathed, and on top of their homework!
By choosing Leor for your after school care, you know you are choosing a quality Educator who is directly employed by Leor, has been trained and operates within the strict quality framework that makes Leor the leader in high quality in home education and care.

We also offer before school care and school drop off.

After School Care Fees

The Leor after school program is designed to make life easy for parents after a long day at work. You can tell us what you want us to take care of, and we will attend to the rest.

  • Transport

    Our Educators can drive your car, walk children home from school, or accompany your children in a Leor vetted transport service*. If children are using booster seats only, then our Educators can transport your children in their car.

  • Share the cost

    We can accommodate up to four children from different families in the one home. This means that you can share the cost and simply collect your child from another family's home when you finish work.

  • Homework

    Our Educators hold qualifications in Children's Services or Teaching, or are working towards those qualifications, and are therefore able to support children with their homework. If you require specific expertise for tutoring purposes, we can support these requests for an additional fee.

  • Dinner

    Just let us know what your children will eat and our Educators will get dinner time sorted. Whether it's reheating food or preparing basic items, our Educators can make sure your children are fed before you get home.

  • Bedtime

    Let our Educators get your children ready for bed, so that the time you spend with them when you get home is a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

*In order to drive your car we must sight comprehensive car insurance covering drivers under the age of 25. Vetted transport services include Shebah and Ladies Running Errands and are used at an additional cost to you. Educator transport is charged at $1,00 per kilometre. Minimum commitment 3 hours.

Leor In Home Early Learning

Why choose Leor after school care?

Not only are our Educators experienced, but they are also directly employed by Leor. This means that they are fully vetted, supervised, mentored, regularly trained and are of the highest quality.

Don’t go to the hassle of interviewing and trialling nannies, let us provide you with an Educator you can trust and rely on to deliver high quality care to your child until you get home.

Call us on 1300 510 0511 or email us to discuss your before and after school care needs.

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