What do Leor staff say?

I feel honoured to work with such a professional and positive Operations team. Integrity is a very important value to me, and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Leor.
Coming from working in a childcare centre it has been a huge change. You are able to focus on one child at a time and develop closer relationships with both the children and the families.
Working as a Lead Educator at Leor, I empower and motivate Educators to make the difference in children's lives.
It is a privilege to be able to work for a company that truly cares for their employees and their families.
I can promise you that Leor will not only allow you to apply early learning in the home, but will also motivate you to move forward in your education journey and make real progress.
For me, it’s such a different experience. I love being able to connect with children in more of a one on one environment and being able to teach in a way that allows you to enrich their learning.
Being a Leor Educator has allowed me to gain confidence as an educator and develop more meaningful relationships with children than a centre environment.
Since working for Leor I have had the opportunity to progress in my career by taking on an Education Assistant role for the Operations Team but still work as an Early Childhood Educator.
Being part of the Operations Team has given me a new lease on life and enables me to utilise my many years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator.

Employee Benefits

At Leor, we engage all of our Educators as direct employees of Leor. This means we are not an agency, and we want to invest in you and enable you to grow as an Educator.

We provide superannuation, annual and sick leave and do not ask you to invoice us. We also provide employees with the opportunity to engage in volunteering activities on a paid work day, if they so choose, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Paid Parental Leave

One of our core values is Families First, which places the needs of our staff before the families that engage our services.

Because we know that meeting the needs of your family comes first, we give all permanent staff the opportunity of taking 12 weeks of paid parental leave after they have completed one year of employment with us (pro rata for part time staff). 


Leor In Home Early Learning Because the Leor model places a significant focus on early learning, with the additional provision of childcare services, we reward our educators in a manner that we believe recognises their contribution in delivering early childhood education. Our rate of pay is therefore well above the Children’s Services Award (NSW).

Once we invite you to become part of the Leor team we will inform you of your rate of pay, which is determined based on your qualifications and/or experience in the early childhood and/or primary teaching sector.


As an employee of Leor, you are covered by public liability insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring in the family home whilst you are caring for a child, you and the family may be covered by our public liability insurance for damage caused.

Mentoring & Support

We understand that working in home environments may mean that Educators have less contact with other adults in a work context. For this reason we have various online forums for Educators to discuss the curriculum, gain tips in regards to any issues they experience in their role, or ask any other questions they may have about anything to do with working as an early childhood educator. 

Leor In Home Early Learning

If Educators would like greater one on one mentoring, Leor can establish mentoring relationships within our network or source external mentors as appropriate.

We also hold various face to face catch ups throughout the year. In addition to our Christmas celebration at the end of the year, we hold curriculum review meetings throughout the year to give Educators the opportunity to discuss the curriculum face to face, influence programming and delivery, and just spend time with other Leor Educators in person. 

Professional Development

At Leor, we know that research and policy in the early childhood education sector is ever changing. For this reason, we require that all of our Educators engage in ongoing professional development to maintain their currency of knowledge. In our aim to deliver the highest quality in home education and care service in Australia, we want to equip our Educators with the knowledge and expertise they require to improve the learning and development of children in the early years.

Leor is currently in the process of seeking approval as a NSW Education Standards Authority approved Professional Development Provider. In the event that this approval is granted, all Early Childhood Teachers will be able to count their Leor Professional Development hours towards hours required for NESA Accreditation.

Part Time & Casual Appointments

We understand that families with young children have diverse needs. This means that our Educators can also benefit from some flexibility in their work. We appoint Educators on a full time, part time and casual basis. Depending on the needs of our families, Educators may be able to work half days, full days, or short weeks of extended days.

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