High Standards

Academic research has found that the quality of early childhood education is directly impacted by educator qualifications, their job satisfaction and access to professional development, as well as the ability to tailor learning programs to meet the individual needs of each child.

Therefore, the Leor model takes into account all of these factors in seeking to deliver the highest quality in home education and care program in Australia. In recruiting high quality early childhood educators, affording appropriate remuneration, and ensuring the provision of ongoing professional development and support, we believe that we are able to maintain a high standard of in home early learning and care in each family’s home.

Our Educator recruitment process applies various measures to identify whether educators possess the skills, and experience and attitude required to deliver Leor’s high quality early learning and care program. Our Educators are fully insured, to provide families and educators with peace of mind.

Oversight & Governance

Leor In Home Early Learning | Quality Childcare

Although Leor is not required to meet the requirements set out by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Authority, we maintain a strict, high quality, governance framework that ensures quality standards are regularly monitored in the delivery of our education and care services. Many of our policies and procedures are based on those outlined in the legislation governing formal childcare centres. We are therefore confident that our practices and standards deliver a higher quality service than parents will find at most daycare centres.

We provide families with various opportunities and methods of providing feedback regarding their child’s progress and their satisfaction with their Leor Educator. Our supervisors also conduct unannounced home visits to maintain our high standards.

Policies & Procedures

At Leor we have based many of our policies and procedures on those required in childcare centres across Australia to meet the requirements set out by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Authority. We are confident that the careful consideration that has gone into the development of these policies and procedures, as well as the regular monitoring of their application in the family home through the delivery of our services, means that families can rest assured that their children’s learning, development, comfort and safety are of the utmost importance to Leor.

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