Where do we need Educators?

We are always on the lookout for passionate Educators to join our team.

What is involved in being a Leor Educator?

We are looking for Educators on a casual, part time and full time basis. You must be willing to travel around your metro or regional area, but you will be rewarded with a rate of pay above the Children’s Services Award, access to professional development, a support and mentoring network, and the provision of toys and equipment to make the most of your time with Leor families.

At Leor, we highly value our Educators, and we believe that, if successful, you will find your work as a Leor Educator extremely rewarding. Not only will you be part of this innovation in the delivery of high quality childcare, but you will work for an organisation that is highly ethical in its practices, believes that Educators should be rewarded for their skills, qualification and passion, and will provide you with the time you need to prepare learning programs for each child that you work with – and get paid for it!

To apply to become a Leor Educator, complete our online application form now.

Call us for a chat on 
1300 510 511

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