Holistic Education & Care

We adopt a holistic approach to achieving children’s outcomes. Where appropriate, and with the consent of the child and their family, we engage third parties to identify the most appropriate activities that will enhance a child’s learning and development.

At Leor, we believe that holistic support for children and their families enables children to engage in their basic human right to access education and achieve learning and development outcomes. In developing learning plans that are tailored to each child’s needs, we seek to ensure that the educational opportunities presented to each child will enable them to achieve their learning and development outcomes at their own pace. In seeking to ensure equal access to education for all children, we take all steps necessary to minimise barriers to access to education. This can include identifying funding sources, engaging in innovative service delivery to remote locations, providing accessible services to persons with disabilities, or respective cultural practices, particularly where any of these factors may otherwise exclude children from mainstream services.

Allied Health Professionals

We have an in-house team of allied health professionals who work with our families and our Educators to develop holistic learning programs. Where required, families can engage our allied health professionals to attend a face to face or telehealth consultation with their child and assess their learning and development needs.

We engage innovative ways of enabling families in regional and remote locations to access these specialised services. The regular, structured educational reporting of your child’s progress means that they will never miss out on the additional support they need simply because of where you live.

Our allied health professionals include Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists, with additional specialisations engaged on an as needs basis.

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