Environmental Impact

Leor applies various strategies to reduce its environmental impact and improve sustainability. In keeping with these strategies, Leor tries to select suppliers who apply environmental sustainability practices. In identifying equipment and toys that can be used in the curriculum, our priorities are the efficacy of the learning experience and safety of children, however we also try wherever possible to use materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also reduce waste, encourage recycling, and apply upcycling.

We encourage all employees to be environmentally aware in all practices, whilst promoting the use of toys and equipment that have minimal impact on the environment.

We know children can find wonder in some of the simplest materials. Therefore, we invite families to provide us with materials that they think could be used as part of our craft activities. We also believe that this recycling and/or upcycling will allow our skilled Educators to provide children with valuable learning experiences in regards to environmental impact and sustainability.

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