The Leor model is based on research that society benefits from children who have social and emotional competence, appropriate attachment relationships, and who thrive in their home and community environments. Accordingly, Leor prides itself on meeting its social responsibilities by contributing to community projects that benefit vulnerable or disadvantaged children. This means that at the end of each financial year Leor donates a percentage of its profits before tax to a charity that benefits vulnerable or disadvantaged children. 

In addition, Leor Educators and Leor Families are invited, throughout the year, to participate in community projects or volunteering opportunities that assist vulnerable or disadvantaged families. Leor Educators are able to participate in volunteering opportunities on a paid workday, to ensure they can use their skills and experience to benefit those in need.

Core to our operations are our values, which guide all decisions that we make in regards to how we want to operate within the wider community.

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