Our Purpose

Our name Leor, is derived from the Old English word ‘leornian’ meaning ‘learning’, to encapsulate what we stand for. We seek to advance every child’s basic human right to access education, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our Vision

To be the highest quality provider of early childhood education and care in the family home.

Our Values

Learning Shapes Lives

High quality early learning tailored to each child’s learning and development needs ensures positive outcomes for children, families and their community.

Families First

Remaining adaptable to the needs of Leor Educators and Leor Families ensures children and families are growing together.

Future Focused

Continuous improvement and innovative thinking ensures that high quality, current, and well researched learning and development programs are delivered to Leor Educators and Leor Families.

Our Story

  • High quality early childhood education has a direct impact upon a child’s development.

The Research

  • A model of education and care based upon significant academic research

Social Awareness

  • Creating positive outcomes for families, educators and the community.

Sustainable Practice

  • We apply sustainable and ethical practices in our business operations

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