What is involved in being part of a Family Co-op?

Our Family Co-op arrangement allows families to receive high quality education and care in a home environment, whilst also reducing the cost of childcare. For families who use nannies, the daily rate can equate to $200+ a day for a single child. So if you have been looking for a nanny, or simply trying to find the right childcare arrangement to meet your needs, we want you to consider Leor, as we are confident that we can deliver a high quality education and care experience for your child.

If you have one child you can pay as little as $115 for 8 hours of care by a an experienced early childhood educator, where you join with one other family that has two children. See below for further information and contact us to discuss your options.

Family Co-ops are not available to families accessing Leor under the Child Care Subsidy for In Home Care and are limited to a total of two families sharing care in a single home.

1 child

Pairing up with 2 children
$ 115 for 8 hours*
  • Drop off at another family home
  • Pack lunch and nappies
  • Leave porta cot/mattress at other home if necessary
  • Decide amongst yourselves who relieves the Leor Educator

2 children

Pairing up with 1 other child
$ 229 for 8 hours*
  • Host one other child to reduce your fees
  • Educator prepares lunch
  • Allow other family to leave porta cotcot/mattress at your home
  • Decide amongst yourselves who relieves the Leor Educator

We have families waiting to start Family Co-ops!

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