Leor Early Childhood Curriculum

There are a variety of ways in which families engage Leor In Home Early Learning. We understand that the learning and development needs of each child is unique, as are the care needs of each family. Leor offers flexible arrangements to ensure the needs of each child and family are met. Whether it’s by combining Leor with other forms of care, or finding the Hours that suit your needs, we can meet your childcare needs in a variety of ways.

Families may choose to use Leor in combination with other care or as their sole form of early learning and care. This may mean that children attend long day care, family day care, or preschool, as well as spending one or more days at home with a Leor Educator. At Leor, we understand the stress that the drop off and pick up routine adds to your day, and we know that being able to walk out the door without that added pressure on even just a few days of the week can reduce parental stress levels and increase productivity in the workplace.

If you would like to join with another family, through a family co-op, we can facilitate that for you. Simply complete an application form and indicate that you want to share care.

Part Time Care

Parents or carers who work part-time might engage Leor for a few hours once or twice a week to maintain early learning for their children in their home environment, whilst all other care is delivered by the carer, parent or other relatives.
This setup suits families who do not need a full day of care, who work shift work, or currently do not engage their children in any formal learning programs. We believe that children in these circumstances will benefit greatly from our curriculum-based program, which is tailored to meet their needs.

Combined Care

In Home DaycareFamilies may already be using multiple forms of childcare, including other types of in-home care such as receiving care from relatives, nannies, au pairs or demi pairs. In these circumstances, families may benefit from Leor delivering in-home early learning services in addition to regular care that is delivered by a parent, relative or other childcare professional.
This could mean that Leor attends the family home for half day sessions one or more times each week to ensure that each child is engaging in formal early childhood learning and development programs. Our curriculum based program will ensure that each child’s needs are met according to their own stage of development, allowing for a focused, high quality, early childhood education program designed to meet your family’s needs.

Leor Early Childhood Curriculum

Two families may choose to group children together in a single home to comprise up to three children being cared for in an in-home setting (subject to the needs of each child as assessed by Leor).

This may, for example, involve Family A, with two children, inviting Family B, with one child, to be included in their Leor program delivered in the home of Family A. This not only allows the families to share the cost of childcare, but also ensures that children socialise with their peers, whilst being cared for in a secure and comfortable home environment. Click here to find out more about the family co-op.

Shared Parenting

Where children are spending days or nights in different family homes, Leor can attend both homes so that children receive consistency of care by the same Leor Educator (subject to Educator availability) across the two homes. This program would ideally involve two sessions per week, one at each family home.
This arrangement allows for consistency of care across the two locations in order to support the child’s emotional and social development and enhances their attachment relationships.

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