Why should you become a Leor Educator?

We are confident that you will find fulfilment in your role as a Leor Educator. Our team of Educators can attest to the value and appreciation they feel from families. Not only are they making a positive difference to children’s lives everyday, but they also get to tailor programs to the needs of each child. 

We invite you to use the knowledge and expertise you have gained during your studies to deliver high quality education and care to children in small group environments within their own home. Not only do children feel more comfortable, they are more engaged and interested in learning, and your day is less stressful when only caring for a small number of children.

We also offer a large number of benefits to ensure our Educators are supported and mentored in their valuable work. In late 2019 we will also be introducing a paid parental leave program, which will be available to all permanent staff.

The Application Process

Any early childhood educators interested in joining the Leor team are invited to apply directly through our website. You will be invited to complete a short questionnaire and then upload your CV and cover letter. If you don’t have a CV you can use the form to tell us about your education and work experience. 


At Leor, we aim to build a strong team of early childhood educators committed to providing the highest standard of ongoing care. As part of the onboarding process you will attend an induction either face to face or online, where you will meet other Educators. You will also complete online training before your first family placement starts.

In some cases, we may waitlist you until we have openings available within the Leor team. We will stay in touch with you regularly to let you know what we are up to and when we are likely to bring you on board and send you into the field.

Once a position becomes available we will issue you with a contract. You will then gain access to all relevant policies and procedures, so that you are fully aware of how we deliver our service.

Commencement & Flexibility

We have full time and part time roles available. You can tell us how often you want to work, as well as the locations you wish to work. Full time hours can be performed in a short week, for example you could choose to work for just four days a week but perform full time hours. 

If you are flexible with locations and hours then we can get you on board quickly and working. If you have a car, we have regular work available and can find you shifts very quickly, however if you don’t have a car it doesn’t prevent you from becoming a Leor Educator.

We provide Educators with a break over the Christmas/New Year period when education and care services are not usually offered.

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