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Leor In Home Daycare

We know that each family is unique and that traditional forms of childcare are often unable to cater for the needs and wishes of the diverse families in our community.  We also understand the added stress that pick up and drop off routines can add to the relentless pressure of modern family life. For this reason, we have developed this innovative model of childcare that not only alleviates the pressure of the drop off/pick up routine, but also provides a focused, high quality, curriculum-based program to ensure that children are able to access the highest quality of care and education, in the comfort of their own homes.

All Leor Educators bring high standards of qualifications and/or experience, and must also complete a rigorous screening process, in order to become part of the Leor team. Leor applies strict governance and quality standards, to ensure that our Educators are delivering programs that meet both the child’s and the family’s needs.

Our program is delivered on the basis of half-day, full-day, or extended day bookings across regional, remote and metro areas. See our Flexible Options section for more information. The Leor program does not fall under services covered by the Child Care Subsidy, however we offer competitive fees to make our high quality service accessible to all families.

In Home Early Learning

There are a variety of ways in which families engage Leor In Home Early Learning. We understand that the learning and development needs of each child is unique, as are the care needs of each family. Leor offers flexible arrangements to ensure the needs of each child and family are met.

Leor In Home Early Learning | Quality Childcare

Families may choose to use Leor in combination with other care or as their sole form of early learning and care. This may mean that children attend long day care, family day care, or preschool, as well as spending one or more days at home with a Leor Educator.

At Leor we understand the stress that the drop off and pick up routine adds to your day, and we know that being able to walk out the door without that added pressure on even just a few days of the week can reduce parental stress levels and increase productivity in the workplace. Find out more about the flexible options available to access in home early learning.

Children’s engagement in quality early childhood services is linked to positive outcomes for children’s cognitive, emotional and social development (Shonkoff and Phillips 2000; Vandell and Wolfe 2002), with educational and economic benefits (Calman and Tarr-Whelan 2005).

(Layland & Smith, 2015)

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