Apply for a 12 week In Home Early Learning program for your budding genius!

Is your child the next Bill Gates? Or maybe a Jacinda Ardern in the making?

Leor Early Childhood Curriculum

A Leor In Home Early Learning Scholarship could be just the thing to give your child the best start in life. To celebrate our Canberra launch, we are awarding an Early Learning Scholarship to one lucky family.  

The Leor program of In Home Early Learning delivers tailored learning programs to children in the comfort of their own homes. Our qualified Early Childhood Educators bring the preschool experience into your home.

First prize includes 12 weeks of In Home Early Learning to up to three children from the same family valued at almost $2,000. Second prize is a $300 voucher towards In Home Early Learning sessions.

Complete your child's scholarship application now.

Scholarship Application

  • This competition is only open to children who are six years and under and are not currently attending primary school.
  • Answer must be 300 characters or less.

Scholarship Terms & Conditions
1. This competition is open to residents of Canberra metropolitan areas where they are the parent of a child, or the legal guardian of a child, who is six years of age or under where that child does not currently attend primary school. Metropolitan areas are those defined by Australian Bureau of Statistics census data. 2. A person submits a valid entry by completing all fields within the Scholarship application form contained on the Leor website at (“Competition Entry”) between 9.00pm Tuesday 23 April 2019 and midnight Sunday 16 June 2019 (“Competition Period”). 3. Leor reserves the right to extend the Competition Period by publishing the new closure date on the Leor website. 4. This is a game of skill and the winners will be chosen by a Leor staff member. 5. The first prize is either: (a) twelve (12) x three (3) hour sessions of in home education and care by a Leor Educator; or (b) six (6) x six (6) hour sessions of in home education and care by a Leor Educator valued at $1,800; and (c) a 5% discount towards 6 subsequent paid in home education and care sessions when a 12 week early learning placement is booked within seven (7) days of completing the above sessions (“First Prize”). 6. The second prize is a $300 voucher towards a 12 week in home early learning placement (“Second Prize”). 7. First Prize must be redeemed during consecutive weeks with sessions booked for the same day and time each week. First Prize is available for use with up to three children where all three children are siblings, and where none of those children are attending primary school. Where a session falls on a public holiday or on a day when at least one child is not available for any reason, those sessions are forfeited and count as one of the sessions contained in the First Prize. First Prize can only be redeemed at a home where the child or children usually resides. First Prize can only be redeemed once Leor staff have completed an In Home Assessment at the home to ensure that it is suitable for the delivery of Leor services. Sessions must commence within three (3) weeks of the winner being finalised, with an In Home Assessment booked at least two (2) days prior to the sessions commencing. Where all of the requirements of this clause are not complied with the First Prize will be forfeited. 8. All winners will be notified within seven days of the draw. 9. In order to redeem the First Prize, the winner must: (a) provide a photo of themselves and their child for publication on Leor social media within 24 hours of being notified that they have been identified as the winner; and (b) complete a Leor Enrolment Form and provide a copy of home and contents insurance for their home confirming that they hold public liability insurance for their home within 24 hours. 10. If the winner cannot comply with the requirements of clause 9 within 24 hours of being notified that they have been identified as the winner, the First Prize may be redrawn at the sole discretion of Leor management. The winner will be a person who can comply with the requirements of clause 9 (“First Prize Winner”). 11. The Second Prize must be redeemed within three (3) weeks of the winner being notified. If the Second Prize is not redeemed within this timeframe the Second Prize will be forfeited.

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