• Which suburbs do you operate in?

    We offer in home education and care services in regional and metro areas in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. Our allied health services operate across Sydney metro and in some locations in Melbourne and SE Queensland.

  • What are your hours of operation?​

    We offer in home education and care services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Do I have to book in for full days?

    No, we offer short days, long days, and overnight bookings. Contact us for a quote for the hours of care that you require.

  • What is the minimum commitment?

    The minimum session is three hours once a week, for a 12 week period or school terms. The minimum period does not apply to families where at least one parent or guardian works non-standard or variable hours.

  • Can I book casual sessions?

    Yes you can, however an In Home Assessment must be completed beforehand and a 5% surcharge applies to our hourly rates.

  • Can I book fortnightly sessions?

    We require a minimum of 1 booking per week, unless at least one parent or guardian works non-standard or variable hours, in which case we can work with their roster.

  • Do you do drop off and pick up?

    Our Educators can transport children to and from other educational activities using your car if your insurance covers the Educators use of your vehicle.

  • Do children need to be immunised?

    Children who access our service do not need to be immunised if they are not accessing the Child Care Subsidy. This means non-immunised children can access early learning and care in their own home, or join with another family of children who are not immunised as part of a Family Co-op. All of our Educators are regularly immunised.

  • How do you cater for children of different ages?

    Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of each child. This means that our Educators spend time each week preparing a program according to each child’s stage of learning and development so that no child within the program misses out on having their needs met.

  • Is there a waitlist?

    We occasionally have a waitlist, so please contact us to find out if we have availability for the day and time you are after. Once you have paid for your Home Assessment fee you will then be placed on our waitlist.

  • Is there any way to make it more cost effective?

    If you have only one or two children, you can participate in a Family Co-op to bring down your cost. We can pair you with another family or you can find another family to join with yourself.

  • Can I access the Child Care Subsidy by using Leor?

    Yes, if other forms of childcare are not appropriate you may be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy towards our fees, which is classified as In Home Care. You will need to be approved for In Home Care and we will refer you to the relevant agency for approval after you discuss your needs with us.

  • Can I be at home while the Educator is around?

    Yes of course, it is your home and our Educators are happy to take care of all of your child’s education and care needs even if you are at home. We simply ask that you allow the Educator the space and time to engage with your child on their own to enable them to build a relationship with your child.

  • Do we get the same Educator every time?

    Yes. We believe the Educator’s relationship with your child is crucial to your child’s success. We aim to allocate the same Educator to each family unless you are happy to have multiple Educators.

  • Can we change Educators?

    If for any reason you want to change Educators, we have various feedback opportunities to discuss how we can meet your needs and find the best Educator to meet your family’s needs.

  • How do you select the right Educator for my family?

    Our team of experienced childcare professionals considers the needs of your child and your family when determining who would be the right Educator for your family. This may mean that you may be on a waitlist until we feel that we have the right Educator to meet your needs. Our goal is to ensure the right fit for you so as to allow our Educator to achieve your child’s learning outcomes in the long term.

  • Can I leave the house when the Educator is with my children?

    Yes – the Educator is fully responsible for your child.

  • Does the Educator bring activities?

    Yes – they have a pack of activities that they bring with them.

  • Can the Educator deal with different ages of children?

    Yes, they tailor the programs to each child’s needs through the day and can vary activities according to how children are responding.

  • What qualifications will the Educator have?

    They will usually have a Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, or be studying one of those or a higher qualification such as a Bachelor of Teaching

  • What if the Educator is not the right fit?

    We will work with the family to find the right fit or support the Educator in meeting the family’s needs.

  • Can the Educator cook for the children?

    Yes, they can prepare basic meals for children.

  • What sort of activities will the Educator do?

    The activities cover all areas of development and are based on the Early Years Learning Framework. They might involve outdoor play, excursions to the park or library, art and craft, or literacy and numeracy tasks.

  • What if I work from home?

    If you work from home we ask that you allow the Educator time to build a relationship with the child and focus on their activities. If you want to learn about some of the activities then you are more than welcome to join sessions from time to time.

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