Child Care

In Home Early Learning

If other forms of education and care are not right for your family then you may be able to access Leor in your home with the support of the Child Care Subsidy.

As an approved provider of In Home Care under the Child Care Subsidy, Leor offers care across regional and metropolitan areas of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Unlike other providers of In Home Care, Leor Educators are directly employed by Leor, which means they must meet high professional standards as a member of the Leor team. They are regularly monitored and supervised by our team of professionals, to ensure they are meeting your child’s learning and development needs. Our wider team of education and allied health professionals also oversee your child’s program to ensure your child stays on track to achieve success.

Eligibility for In Home Care

Complex Needs

This is where a family has complex needs that would mean mainstream early learning, outside school hours care, or vacation care programs are unable to meet their needs.

  • Family member receiving chemotherapy
  • A family member with a compromised immune system, e.g. premature children
  • Children with complex behavioural, developmental or medical needs e.g. autism, ADHD, ODD, cerebral palsy, vision or hearing impairment

Families who may be accessing NDIS but require extra care

No Early Learning Services Available

This is where families cannot access education and care in their area.

  • Regional or remote families
  • Families on a early learning waitlists
  • No education and care services available in your area
  • Your early learning centre is closed or excluding children for a specific reason (e.g. pandemic)

Non-Standard Working Hours

This is where families who work non-standard hours, such as a rotating roster, or hours where early learning services are not open.

  • Shiftworkers such as medical professionals, hospitality staff or airline crew
  • Fly in fly out workers
  • Single parents who do not have alternate care during the hours that they need to work

In Home Care Approval

In order to access In Home Care, families must be approved by their State or Territory In Home Care Support Agency. We can make a direct referral to your local In Home Care Support Agency to ensure you move through the approval process smoothly. Alternatively, you may wish to contact your Support Agency directly using the contact details below.

Australian Capital Territory

In Home Care Support Agency ACT
(02) 6162 5846

New South Wales

In Home Care Support Agency NSW
1800 IHCARE (1800 442 273)

South Australia

In Home Care Support Agency SA
1800 IHCARE (1800 442 273)


In Home Care Support Agency Vic
1800 993 737


In Home Care Support Agency QLD
1800 993 737

Western Australia

1300 164 202

Northern Territory

1300 164 202


In Home Care Support Agency Tas
1300 052 057

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