In Home Childcare

Our Family Co-ops are a great to way access high quality education and care in your home and reducing the cost of childcare. For families who use nannies, the daily rate can come to more than $200 a day for a single child. But with a Leor Family Co-op you can pay as little as $110 per child for 8 hours of care by an experienced Early Childhood Educator, where you join with two other families with up to four children in each session.

Think of it as preschool in the comfort of your home. Join with your neighbour, your best friend, your cousin or your sister and give your child access to a tailored learning program that meets your child’s individual learning needs.

Unlike hiring a nanny, we take the stress out of matching your Educator to your family. We also ensure your child is receiving a quality education and not just the care that a nanny would provide. Your Leor Educator is regularly monitored and supervised, supported by a wider allied health and education team, and receives ongoing professional development so that you can trust they are delivering the highest quality of education and care to your child.

We have families waiting to form Family Co-ops, so join our Facebook group now to chat to other families and begin accessing quality education in your home.

Family Co-ops are not available to families accessing Leor under the Child Care Subsidy for In Home Care and are limited to a total of three families sharing care in a single home. Family Co-ops are not available in Tasmania.

Family Co-op Calculator

Use our Family Co-op calculator to see how much a day with Leor would cost you.

Family Co-op Calculator
Note: Maximum number of children is 4

The following age restrictions apply to Leor Family Co-ops: Out of 4 children, 1 child can be under 12 months or 2 children can be under 24 months.

Maximum of three families can share care where the care must be delivered in the home where the majority of the children reside.

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