A path of
life shaping work

Join us on a path of life shaping work to deliver impactful change to children in the most important period of their lives.

Flexible thinking and working

The attitude to work-life balance at Leor is different to most. Family life is a focus, because we work with families ourselves. Hours can be matched to those priorities, and you’ll work with colleagues who genuinely understand and respect the importance of interests and responsibilities of life outside of work.

An additional benefit of joining Leor, is our caseloads are much more manageable compared to other large health organisations. So whether you’re starting out, or just looking for a breath of fresh air – look no further than us!

Flexible thinking and working

Rewarding challenges daily

Leor is about putting the needs of children first with collaboration at the heart of everything we do. You‘ll work with Early Learning Educators and other Allied Health professionals to craft individual programmes for each child, according to their needs.

As a result – you’ll be rewarded by a wide variety of opportunities, along with incredible professional learning and growth. You’ll also be working within an environment that recognises the success of our people and adheres to strong positive values.

Rewarding challenges daily

Allied Health Benefits

  • Positively impact outcomes for children with complex needs

  • Bring your ideas to life through our culture of innovation

  • Work in collaboration, blending health & education to create better outcomes

  • Feel supported to take on complex challenges and grow your skills

  • Feel the satisfaction of helping children and families reach their full potential

  • Approachable, open-minded
    leaders that welcome new ideas

Students welcome

Whether you’re just commencing your studies, or have recently graduated in Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology or Physiotherapy, Leor is an outstanding place to put what you have just learnt into action – as well as gain invaluable on-the-job experience that will give you a flying start in your career.

Many of our graduates and new-starters enjoy the steady, secure work available at Leor and the well-established career path and benefits we offer, which include:

  • Impact early in your career
  • Support from experienced colleagues
  • Mentoring, guidance and further training
  • Challenging and interesting work
  • Knowledge sharing (via Storypark platform) and a collaborative culture
  • Staff recognition of individual and shared successes
  • Unique working environment that builds learning and understanding

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