Claiming under the NDIS

Leor is an approved provider under the NDIS. This means that whether you are NDIA managed, self-managed or plan-managed, you can rest assured that Leor meets the requirements of the NDIS.

Families accessing the NDIS gain access to early intervention in the comfort of their own home. We identify the right Educator to meet your child’s needs and prepare a Learning and Development Plan that not only incorporates your child’s NDIS goals, but expands on them to ensure they are achieving outcomes in line with their peers.

What Leor services are covered by the NDIS?

Leor delivers early childhood education and care in family homes for children aged between six weeks and 12 years. Our program does not include the delivery of formal schooling, but each child is provided with tools, activities and programs that enhance their learning and development to encourage capacity building, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development, independence, and autonomy.

Leor is approved to deliver services under the NDIS within the following categories:

  • 106 Assist Life Stage Transition
  • 107 Assist – Personal Activities
  • 110 Specialist Positive Behaviour Support
  • 117 Development – Life Skills
  • 118 Early Childhood Supports
  • 125 Participate Community
  • 128 Therapeutic Supports
  • 136 Group / Centre Activities

Are Leor services considered ‘formal education’ under the NDIS?

As our program relates to early childhood education, and therapeutic support for children who are attending school, our services are not considered formal education. Children who are not yet attending school have an individual Learning & Development Plan prepared by Leor to enable us to track and monitor their development. This Plan is aligned with their NDIS Support Plan and incorporates the recommendations of any allied health professionals that the child is working with. Where a school aged child is accessing our services, our Educators deliver learning activities in accordance with their NDIS Support Plan, as well as the recommendations of any allied health professionals that the child is working with. Where required, Leor Educators can attend formal schooling or other activities with a child as their learning support officer or support worker.

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