leor educators
a career with meaning

Impacting children’s lives positively, is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Working here you’ll assist children with complex needs to progress and reach their important goals.

What you create, is up to you

One of the things our Leor Educators love about working with us is the independence you get to structure each child’s learning. You’ll work one-on-one so have the time and focus to put in place activities that will support a child’s specific learning, development wellbeing needs.

While you’ll have excellent processes, systems & resources already in place to use, at Leor, you’re empowered to tailor education plans the way you believe they should be. Which means you get the satisfaction and ownership of every result and positive impact you create.

What you create, is up to you

Supported, always

Right now we’re building our team of not just outstanding Educators, but also excellent Allied Health individuals. So you’ll be joining a growing, experienced and very well-resourced team. Within an organisation where you can discuss tactics, challenges and solutions.

At every step, you’ll be actively supported by an experienced team of early childhood and early intervention professionals. As well as inspiring hands-on leaders who respect new ideas and the capabilities you bring.

Supported, always

Educator benefits

  • Work where children & learning are No.1

  • Work 1:1 with children delivering quality education & care

  • Be supported by an experienced team

  • Own your successes and structure your own learning plans

  • Feel the satisfaction of helping children with complex needs

  • Approachable, open-minded leaders that welcome new ideas

Students welcome

Whether you’re just commencing your studies, or have recently graduated in Early Childhood, Early Intervention or Education, Leor is an outstanding place to put what you have just learnt into action – as well as gain invaluable on-the-job experience that will give you a flying start in your career.

Many of our graduates and new-starters enjoy the steady, secure work available at Leor and the well-established career path and benefits we offer, which include:

  • Flexible hours (that can be adapted to fit with holidays, exams and family)
  • Support from experienced colleagues including senior Educators at Leor
  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Further training
  • A variety of challenging and interesting work
  • Knowledge sharing (via Storypark platform) and a collaborative culture
  • Staff recognition of individual and shared successes

What people love about us

“It is totally amazing to be Leor Educator, to feel the super high energy in my work and to be inspired by their brilliant work. The knowledge they guide and share is an eye-opener for me and for all other educators.”

— Nasrin, Educator

“I find that you have a lot of support whether that's with teaching or just in general, which makes it such a rewarding experience.”

— Olivia, Educator

“Working for Leor In Home Early Learning is special because I make a difference to the lives of young children with additional needs.”

— Suzanna, Educator

“Leor provides in home support not only for families looking for care for their children but also mothers who are looking for the opportunity to work from home with flexible hours.”

— Kim, Educator

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